Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bracelet Designs for Girls

Titanium is a silvery white metal that is strong, durable and most importantly, corrosion resistant. Not only is it stronger than most metals, it is even stronger than platinum and thrice more than stainless steel.Titanium bracelets have been successfully used to cure a variety of body ailments,
as it is said that the metal is beneficial in healing the damaged parts of our body when it comes in contact with our skin. Not only is titanium a light and hypoallergic metal, it does not react with our body's natural chemicals in any way or causes us harm, rashes or allergies. Because of this, a titanium bracelet can be worn by even those who have mega-senstitive skin.
Titanium magnetic bracelets are extensively used for their magnetic healing properties. The magnets in the bracelet counteract with the painful areas by producing negative energy fields and reduce pain and inflammation, soothe joints and also improve circulation.


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