Thursday, 4 April 2013

Cross Tattoos

Crosses, pentagrams and other religious and mystical motifs have always been popular options for body art along with scriptural and philosophical quotes. The most timeless among these patterns have been crosses and crucifixes in numerous patterns, whether alone or as a part of a larger body art scheme. One of the most ubiquitous and all-time favorite body art patterns involving crosses are crosses mounted by wings. Cross tattoo designs with wings have been around for quite some time now and a wide variety of permutations and combinations of cross styles and wing patterns can be used to give this timeless body art symbol a personalized touch! I don't know why but pictures of cross tattoos with wings in dark shades somehow evoke a rebellious and emo kinda feel! Although the cross has religious connotations, the wings add a peculiar kind of funk to it, don't you think?

Click on each picture for a detailed look.
Winged Cross Tattoos For Men

Cross designs with wings coupled with a funky script look great on men. A Gothic cross dagger with a dragon coiled around it, wings extended, is a very masculine and attractive body art pattern! It steps up the rugged appeal of sinewy arms and/or six-pack abs! Also, intricately inked Celtic crosses with wings surrounded by clouds is a good tattoo option among designs for men. How you design your tattoo totally depends upon what motifs appeal to you most. 

However, being men, you can take advantage of a larger physical surface area and can get bigger, more complicated tattoos without marring the effect of the surrounding region! Also, you can get massive winged cross tattoos, coupled with tribal tattoo designs, on your chest or back that would make heads turn every time you take off that shirt!


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