Thursday, 4 April 2013

Tattoos Designs

Do you know this fashion trend- tribal tattoo for Mom, fashionable for so many years and still go on.
If you don't think the trend exists then you haven't been to the beach or an amusement park on a 90-degree day recently.
It was once said that in the past days when the first popular tattoos were seen on the arms of American soldiers,

the most memorable 
tattoo designs was the heart with a ribbon in the center that displayed the word, "Mom."                                                     

Since then, tattoos “MOM” have continued to be a powerful way to show love to moms. 


In turn, mothers have also shown their feelings toward their children through tattoos.

They prefer to tattoo her and the baby surrounded by flowers on their arms to show out their selfless and great Mother’s love like this one…

Some freshly ink tattoo women revealed that they got their tattoos to illustrate how proud they are to call themselves Mom.

What's more, they say having a tattoo featuring their child's face is a way of carrying their babies close to their hearts even when they are not physically present.
Others choose designs such as baby footprints, handprints, portraits, or symbols of love such as hearts featuring a child's first initial and the date of his birth.
if you are not ready to take the plunge and show your mom your undying affection with those kinds of tattoos showed above, well, no worries!!

This pretty little classic tattoo "MOM" rose design card will reflect just as much love as the tattoos. Of course it's painless!
Mother's Day Card Tattoo Design-Hand Embroidered Red Rose


Hand embroidered in classic colors onto a folded brown card with rounded corners.

The front of the card has a red rose with a white banner wrapped around it and the word "MOM" embroidered in black thread in the center.

The rose is accented with a few green leaves on each side.

The inside of the card has been layered with beige blank Strathmore acid free, medium weight artist paper to hide all these pretty stitches and give you plenty of room to write your mom a nice sweet note.

While your mom has asked specifically NOT to honor her with blood and ink , that doesn't mean you can't take advantage of this kind of Card Tattoo Design,.

Quite a great work to appreciate what Moms sacrifice to us for their whole life.
Now go kiss your “Mom”, kiss her “heart” with your honest heart.


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