Thursday, 30 May 2013

Citrine Rings for Girls

Citrine is a beautiful colored gemstone that is famous for beautiful different shades of the yellow color, starting from pale lemon yellow color to concentrated bold orange color. The more the color is intense the more the value of the stone, it is also easy in cuts than other gems which makes it unique in different stone cuts and perfect as well. Looks great in different ring designs and can suit your beautiful solitaire in a simple round cut or emerald cut or any other preferred cut. Whether modern or antique designs, citrine stone could perfectly match your chosen ring. See our beautiful collection below with wonderful designs, such as this beautiful solitaire ring in yellow gold with amazing flower cut deep yellow colored citrine stone. Check also the great design of this cocktail ring in white gold with amazing round cut deep yellow citrine color stone in prong setting with a square frame surrounding the stone holding beautiful round cut brown topaz stones and diamond at the corners of the frame all in a bombe ring. Another great design where a fashionable black ring with a flower design and oval cut yellow citrine is in prong setting featuring the petal of the flower. Many other great designs and styles could feature beautiful citrine stones in various weights and cuts, check this collection and enjoy watching them. 


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