Thursday, 30 May 2013

Hook Earrings for Girls

hook earrings, also sometimes referred to as French hook earrings are earrings that are designed with a thin metal wire at the back.  To wear the earring the metal wire is put through the ear hole and is then left to hang down behind the earlobe.  The weight of the earring holds the earring in place.  Fish hook earrings come in a whole range of different styles; many will contain precious stones such as diamonds.  In fact, diamond earrings are commonly designed as fish hook earrings.  Diamond earrings that hang down from the ears sparkle and shine and provide a stunning adornment to your appearance.
The style shown here in 18k yellow gold: Teardrop Diamond Earrings. After having your ears pierced it is usual to wear studs for the first six weeks.  It is always a momentous step when it is time to progress from wearing studs to wearing fish hook earrings.  
Some people will be slightly concerned about their comfort level, considering the fact that studs are extremely comfy to wear.  There really is nothing to fear.  As long as the metal wire is not too thick for your hole, or the weight of the earring is not excessively heavy, fish hook earrings are a very comfortable earring choice.  
In fact, most people will at some point during the day forget that they are wearing them … which can be a problem when they try and go to sleep with them on …at which point they will probably become quite uncomfortable.


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