Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Latest Girl HairStyles

Those who have thin hair shafts already know how difficult is it to curl or perm their hair. Unlike thick hair strands, they do not hold the hair formulations. Another downside story regarding thin hair shafts is increased susceptibility to breakage. Even wrapping the hair strands to the perming rods may cause damaging effects. In simple words, self perming hair at home is strictly not recommended for those having fine textured hair. The following are some tips concerning perms for fine hair:
  • Before perming fine hair, decide the best haircut that suits the hair texture. As a general rule, fine textured hair looks at its fullest, when it is short and cut at a uniform length. Accordingly, opt for short haircuts or medium length layered hairstyles.
  • For fine hair that has been recently colored, perming is not advisable. This is because, repeated application of chemical based products will cause hair dryness, breakage and thinning. On the safer side, wait for some time and proceed with gentle perms for fine hair.
  • Analyze the different types of perms, giving due importance to the perming procedure and after maintenance tips. Do not decide a perm type just because it looks good, but check whether it really suits fine shafts or not, before perming.
  • Coming to the types of perms for fine hair, the best choice is body wave pattern. In this, large sized, concave rods are used to create bouncy, loose waves. It is suited for medium long and long hairstyles.
  • Of course, you can go for spiral perms for fine hair, but the concerning part is maintenance level for spiral perm hairstyle. So, consult the hairstylist about the preferable perming alternatives for fine hair, then only decide one for your hair.


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