Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Short Hair Styles for Girls fine hair is challenging, but you can perm it beautifully with some basic hair treatment tips. Naturally, it remains straight and looks very thin. Hence, from selecting haircut styles and ideas to curling it, fine hair needs special attention. Those who are very conscious about their looks prefer perming their hair for added volume and body. Gentle perms for fine hair are better than tight curls and spiral perms. Let's try to understand more about perming for flat, fine hair.

Those who have thin hair shafts already know how difficult is it to curl or perm their hair. Unlike thick hair strands, they do not hold the hair formulations. Another downside story regarding thin hair shafts is increased susceptibility to breakage. Even wrapping the hair strands to the perming rods may cause damaging effects. In simple words, self perming hair at home is strictly not recommended for those having fine textured hair. The following are some tips concerning perms for fine hair:


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