Friday, 21 June 2013

Daniel Craig Casual and Formal wear Outfits

Daniel Craig has an “everyman” appeal to him and looks like someone who would be happy to toss back a pint or two with the boys at the pub; a casual look with fitted tee shirts and jeans and it suits him well.  Buttoned shirts will almost always have the top two or three buttons undone and while on some men this is a calling card for douche-baggery, 

he seems to get away with it.  Casual Craig can border a little on the messy side yet is certainly comfortable (even though the look can be tussled somewhat) there is a feel of blue-collar Londoner about him.  Cardigans appear to be a favourite of his and go very with a layered style suitable for the London climate.  

It seems to me that the producers have gone to great lengths to make sure Craig looks comfortable as James Bond, reflecting this in the casual and active wear of Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.  I get the feeling that when not wearing a suit or tux, they have Craig dressed in exactly what he’d wear off the set.