Thursday, 20 June 2013

Robert Downey Jr. Casual and Formal Wear Outfits

Most of us know Robert Downey Jr. from his latest movies but he is a great example of talent that faced a lot of difficulties in his life. He had a great start, one which many of us would kill for, being the sun of a world renowned film director and actually having the opportunity of playing in one of his father’s movies at the age of five. Pound represents the first time we got to see this young talent and he apparently fell in love with it since. A noticeable movie was Less Than Zero in 1987 not only because critics got to see glance of his true talent but also because this movie seemed to have pushed him more towards his drug addiction. He then appeared in some great movies like American Born Killers but his problem constantly kept him down being arrested by the police for drug consumption and being forced to follow several treatments. He eventually managed to find this drug problem and after staring in some independent movies, he landed the leading role in Iron Man

This movie had a great success as well as the sequel and we are all looking forward to seeing the third part of this comic book inspired story. One of his great performances was in Sherlock Holmes in 2009 which got him a Golden Globe.

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Robert Downey Jr. Hats


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