Friday, 24 May 2013

Handbags at Dusk. By Lucy Meadmore a woman what her favourite accessory is and many will say their handbag – why you may ask? I think it’s because the love of handbags is something to do with having everything precious close to hand, or perhaps it’s because there are so many designs and styles whether they are designer or discount - there is literally one to match with every outfit and every pair of shoes…

So when Tangerine PR MD Sandy Lindsay asked me if I wanted to go to a handbag swap sale, there was no hesitation in saying yes. The event, which had been organised by Thirsty Thursday (the women’s based networking group), supported The Birdhouse Fund – which aims to help disadvantaged women across Greater Manchester make a new start through training, skill development or community projects – positively worthy in my book and what a better way to bring women together. 
It also meant that I had somewhere to take all my previously loved handbags, which I had become bored with but hadn’t wanted to throw out just yet, and pass them onto a good home while raising a bit of money – the age of swapsies is still going strong!


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