Friday, 24 May 2013

New Chloe Handbags

 chloe handbags - handbags Fan ArtSo when Tangerine PR MD Sandy Lindsay asked me if I wanted to go to a handbag swap sale, there was no hesitation in saying yes. The event, which had been organised by Thirsty Thursday (the women’s based networking group), supported The Birdhouse Fund – which aims to help disadvantaged women across Greater Manchester make a new start through training, skill development or community projects – positively worthy in my book and what a better way to bring women together. It also meant that I had somewhere to take all my previously loved handbags, which I had become bored with but hadn’t wanted to throw out just yet, and pass them onto a good home while raising a bit of money – the age of swapsies is still going strong!
 chloe handbags - handbags Fan Art
So, on Wednesday, along with fellow Tangerinee Nikki, we headed off to Dukes to view handbags and spend money. On arrival we were immediately offered a glass of champagne and escorted to where tables and tables of handbags were lined up, ready for us to take our pick. 
Gucci- handbag - handbags Photo
Now we do think ourselves as handbag experts, due to our client TJ Hughes, having a huge supply of the latest styles, and we knew the latest trends to look out for were satchels, drawstring, mini bags (think doctors bags) and clutch handbags – which you can definitely never have too many of – especially if you are a Sex and The City fan.


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