Friday, 24 May 2013

Matthew McConaughey Hairstyles

He has always been so charming and inspiring that everybody just loves him!! Matthew McConaughey is one of the greatest American actors that have their own unique personality and look. We are going to talk about his fancy and innovative hairstyles since they have a significant effect on his charm. Matthew’s hair alternates between the blonde, dark blonde and brown shades according to his roles, and they all suit his skin tone perfectly. Matthew McConaughey used to be seen sporting a kind of messy, free medium hairstyles that showed the waves in a stunning surfer style that went exceptionally well with his personality in a way that made all his fans go crazy for it. He had his hair layered most of the time and simply combed to the back in a voluminous rich look while letting his waves free at the beck. A few years later, Matthew started to go for a shorter hair and could be seen sporting the same hairstyle but with shorter hair, 
or with a relatively short hair like his latest hairstyles where he cut his sides and back unusually short with a little longer and spiked crown area, or maybe left in a slightly messy form. We all agree that Matthew’s recent hairstyles are much more conservative than before, 
but all of them absolutely look impressive on him!! If you want to copy any of his hairstyles, just make sure the nature of your hair is close to Matthew’s, and you might need some hair products to give your hair the final look.


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