Thursday, 11 April 2013

Adidas eyewear Sunglassed

The Adidas eyewear golf range has been upgraded with adivista models in red and grey, as well as the T-sight style in brown.

Specially designed to meet golfers’ needs, the decentred polycarbonate filters are lightweight and impact-resistant. For the 2009 season, adivista will feature the LST active filter, which is said to offer a lightening effect in tandem with high light absorption and contrast.

Adidas eyewear has extended its range of T-sight filters with the LST contrast light silver, a lighter version of the LST contrast filter. The heightened contrast effect is designed to help golfers to better read the greens and allows a more precise estimation of distance.

In particular, the LST contrast light silver filter provides the necessary security under changeable conditions while simultaneously equalising extreme light fluctuations.

The lens filter shape is also matched to golfers' requirements, as it enables a wide field of vision and prevents irritating contacts, e.g. with the cheek when the head is lowered.


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