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Men's Scarf

Ways to Wear Scarf for Men

men's sacrf
The humble scarf may have started as a utilitarian garment worn for the sake of  staying warm, but over time, the scarf has come to be considered a stylish  accessory as well. When it comes to making a fashion statement, the wearing of a  men’s scarf is a choice that has a wide margin for both success and error.  Choices of color, weave, style, fabric, and even tying will all affect the  success of adding this item into your wardrobe.
    men's sacrf
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    Wear scarves in the winter. As a fashion choice, men’s winter scarves,  ranging from thin and fleecey to thick and woolly, are rarely disputed. Men’s  summer scarves in light, floaty fabrics are a far more controversial choice and  are often considered either a fashion faux paus or a bold act of trendsetting.  Try the summer scarf only if you enjoy being daring with your fashion choices  and are willing to weather a little criticism.
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    Choose colors and styles according to men’s fashion traditions. Avoid scarves  that are considered “women’s fashion” by staying away from brighter, lighter  colors (pinks, purples, yellows, oranges, true white) as well as lacy weaves,  fluffier yarns, and accessories (like pom-poms). Look for scarves in more earthy  or blue/grey colors, black, or off-white with tighter, flatter weaves. Seek  solid colors or patterns that resemble those found in other men’s fashion, such  as plaid, checked, striped and argyle.
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    Use scarves to highlight your upper body. A scarf around the neck emphasizes  your neck and shoulders, especially if you use a thinner scarf. To be successful  with this, leave your scarf tails long and don’t bunch the fabric around your  neck–just use one loop, like a turtleneck.
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    Wrap your scarf instead of tying it, in general. Tying your scarf in a knot  can wrinkle and damage it, but it also creates less warm cover and doesn’t look  as attractive. Lay your scarf around your neck evenly (both tails the same  length). For greater warmth, wrap the scarf from front to back (the loop around  the front of your neck), then wrap the tails around to the front. Create an  interesting, asymmetrical look by leaving one tail in front, and one in the  back. If you do tie your scarf, create only one knot and leave it loose (this  look is appropriate with very wide scarves).


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