Thursday, 11 April 2013

Scarves / Stoles

Scarves / Stoles for Men

One of the simplest and trendiest ways of wearing it is to fold the long scarf in half and the knot the other through, by pulling it tight. This is one of the most elegant looks. Don’t ask me why, but personally I feel nothing can be more appealing than the way a man ties the knot as it can add to his overall look in the most positive way. It can also be wrapped loosely around the neck a couple of times for a relaxed look or wrapped just once around the neck for a seasoned look.

Avoid teaming solid color scarves to a similar color shirt or sweater, unless and until the colors match perfectly. Nonetheless, a better option would be a plaid scarf that has similar colors to the outfit you are wearing. Make sure that the pattern and style of the outfit compliments the scarf.



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