Thursday, 11 April 2013

Men's Scarf Style

How Men Should Wear a Scarf

Brad Pitt man scarfAfter a few weeks in hiatus, the Fashion Friday post returns. With the weather turning cold, we turn our attention to one of the most basic,

and yet, stylish pieces of winter wear: the scarf.  Most of our winter garb is primarily black or dark.

A colorful scarf can add style and personality to your winter clothing without breaking the bank. Most scarves are unisex,

so look around your wife’s closet, you might even find something that you could pair up with an existing coat for free.
Brad Pitt sports a formal tied scarf

Tom Brady and Usher man scarf
Tom Brady and Usher wearing the casual knot

Robert Downey Jr spices it up with a Matthew Williamson butterfly scarf

Just in case you don’t believe you can be cool and wear a scarf


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