Friday, 17 May 2013

Burberry Trench Coats in Colour

BURBERRY-Mens-Trench-Coats-7Another element to the versatility of the trench coat is the fact that it can also be worn during the warmer spring months. Seeing as it was originally meant to counter both war and bad weather, the trench coat is a great choice for beating the cold, and an even better choice for staying dry even under the pounding rain. As spring is a season highly characterized by constant rain, the trench coat is certainly the best option in repelling the water seeing as it is made of a material , either gabardine or a cotton-based composite, apt in water-repelling. Having originated from a country known for its often overcast and rainy climate, the trench coat does its job splendidly.
So in response to whether or not you should invest in a trench coat, all I can say is that it really all depends on if you’re a fan of durability, versatility and timeless style. As Esquire put it so concisely, the trench coat is “one of the most important pieces a man can have hanging in his closet.” The ball is in your court!


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