Thursday, 16 May 2013

Casual Leather Wallets for Men

Materials say a lot:

When it comes to wallets materials speak a lot. Different materials take on different aspects and you may want to go opt for a style that reflects your personality. In addition, go for a good quality one that will wear well. Before falling for the style and design check on the durability, as you would want some value for money. Leather wallets are always classy and you get ones that are water proof as well. Furthermore, there are leather wallets with a lot of metal work that is quite stylish. If you prefer less expensive ones, opt for materials made out of rubber, twill, nylon or vinyl.

Size Matters:

When it comes to size, understand what size you prefer to have. Too small or too big can ruin the look or be uncomfortable. If you wish to carry just cash and cards a small neat one with slots for cards and money should be your priority. The short square design bi-fold wallets [bi-fold wallets are the ones that consist of a single fold] is the most popular one if you prefer stuffing it in your back pocket. If you are carrying umpteen number of things or if your work requires a lot of travelling then a tall wallet like the passport wallet is the best choice. You can keep all your essential items like the plane ticket, passport, boarding pass or other documents neatly tucked in it. What’s more is that it looks really cool when you pull it out of your inner coat pocket.


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