Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Italian Shoes

Most of us consider shoes made or styled in Italy as the ultimate in fashion trends. When we say Italian shoes it conjures a picture of good craftsmanship, style and quality. Italian designers are the MOST acclaimed footwear designers in the world. The Italian designers perfectly understand the anatomy of the leg and foot So They make shoes look Their Best.
Italian footwear is available in several varieties, such as full length boots, slip-ons, mid-calf boots, sandals, loafers and wedges. When Selecting Italian shoes, care Should be taken to avoid the tasteless, shiny and creaky shoes Which many merchants try to pass on as finest Italian shoes.
The Italians are still using the traditional methods of Shoemaking and tanning Which Indicates that good materials are used for the lining and uppers are hand sewn Which. Even though Should Such hand crafted shoes cost higher than the shoes produced on a large scale using machinery, due to the severe competition from Far Eastern shoe makers who offer hand crafted shoes Also, the Italians are forced to offer good quality shoes at cheaper prices without Compromising on quality.
There are different styles of men’s Italian shoes Such as handmade black leather Oxford shoes, black Italian Oxford dress shoes, men’s dark brown leather Oxford shoes, men’s dark brown lace-up shoes and brown calf leather Oxford shoes. The prices of these shoes range from the low $ 330 to the high $ 560.


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