Friday, 17 May 2013

Stylish Awesome Full Length Coats for Women

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Now that the harsher weather is drawing in, we’re thinking about layers in the morning. It’s a vest, a t-shirt, a blouse or top, a blazer and THEN your coat, a scarf, gloves, maybe even a hat...and the list goes on.
However, we have found a sneaky way to avoid wearing so many layers and feeling completely stiff, unable to actually open your bag and get out your purse due to the exaggerated padding going on! Invest in a midi or full length wool/cashmere coat this winter and mornings to work will be cold and Michelin man-styli free.
winter coats, full length coats, natalie miller, fashion, 2011
We don’t need to tell you how to wear them, that is quite self explanatory. Pop it over your normal work attire, pull on either your leather boots, shoe boots or elegant black heels, and you have warm, winter glamour on your way to work- simple.
Here are some ideas, allowing you to browse the different styles and colours, in order to choose what would suit you best. One of these coats is the practical solution to feeling freezing every time you step out the door in the morning; but at the same time we like to think it is very 1930’s-esque, leaving much to the imagination of those passersby of the male species!


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