Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Simple Elegance Hairstyle for Girls

Medium brown hair color layered haircutThis sweet hourglass shape is created from medium to long layers that flip out beautifully just past the shoulders. The result is true elegance and a hairstyle that can be worn to any occasion. A healthy chocolate glow is warmed up with a cinnamon gloss that is so on trend right for brunettes right now.ecause of chemical hair treatments can often take a number of dangers to hair, avoid using such treatments. A safe alternative to chemical treatment is the use of a flat iron. The hair care industry is currently filled with endless variety and brand of hair care products that help in achieving the look beautiful when used on hair. Because African American women have strong hair, hair they can survive the heat limb away. Thus, the need for the hair-like temperature varies from other requirements. They will require a higher temperature than the lowest temperature, and therefore, you should keep this in mind when choosing a rod suitable for hair styling.Professional straightener, especially the latest models come with advanced features variable heat settings to look out when choosing. Amazing feature allows users to find the apt temperature required for their hair and then set it according to their hair type. Regular models come with a fixed heat settings that can not be well adjusted and not deliver the expected results if it works at a lower temperature or can burn hair if working at the highest temperature may be too hot dryer. Thus, thermal features adjustable settings is one of the best features to check while buying the styling. Most preferably, a device that can heat up to a maximum of 450 degrees F is suitable for people with African American hair.

Layered dark brown and red hair

How To Style:
1. Detangle towel-dried hair and apply your favorite hair products to damp hair.
2. Use a large paddle brush to blow-dry hair. Pull hair with the brush and follow with the blow dryer nozzle pointed down the hair shaft.
3. When your hair is about 90% dry grab a large sized round brush and continue blow-drying. Really flip hair around the brush to create a nice soft flip on the ends.


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