Friday, 17 May 2013

Leather Reversible Belt for Men

Italian Leather Reversible Belt rounded prong buckle
Italian Leather Reversible Belt rounded prong buckle
Long flat panel with rounded edges, this prong Italian clamp buckle is available in polished silver or gold tones with the Pierotucci 3 cm high reversible (black and dark brown) leather belt strap. The strap is made from two of our finest calfskin leathers in black and dark brown that are pressed together with hand finished edges!

Buckle is Made in Italy.

Easy reversible system, all you need to do is simply unclamp the buckle, remove belt strap, turn the belt over, re-insert into buckle then close the clamp back onto the leather. Perfect for travel - you need only pack one belt!


Belt height: 3 cm (1.18 inches)
Max length: 95 cm
Cut it yourself to suit your size!
1. Open and remove buckle
2. Cut belt to the size you want
3. Attach and close buckle


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