Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blue eyeliner for Girls Makeup

Eyeliner is one of the best make up inventions of all time: with just one stroke it can make your eye figuratively pop. And for 2013, blue eyeliner is the easiest way to indulge in the blue eye makeup trend, which is why several designers capitalised on it in their spring 2013 showings.
cara delevigne blue eye makeup
Cara Delevingne in blue eyeliner at Just Cavalli.
Just Cavalli is known for colorful pieces and for spring / summer 2013 used the blue eyed trend with a navy blue eyeliner enhanced with a hint of white (there’s something to work into your makeup repertoire right there). The navy blue line was placed on the top lid while white eyeliner was used to line the inner corner of the eyes. The result is a frosted and almost metallic look. Giorgio Armani’s makeup look for the season was similar though with a brighter shade of blue. The Armani look featured a play between light grey smokey eye shadow and shimmery turquoise blue eyeliner. The two colors on the eyes worked perfectly together.
Navy eyeliner was also the choice for Altuzarra. The upper lash line was traced with navy blue eyeliner and then complemented with a thick coat of mascara. The cheeks and the lips were kept very natural letting the eyes standout.
arizona muse eyeliner
Blue eyeliner at Anthony Vaccarello.
Another blue eyeliner look comes from Anthony Vaccarello. Here the rims of the eyes were lined with creamy turquoise eye pencil / liner and then soft grey and pink eye shadows were dabbed on the lids. To create the aquatic look, lip gloss was dabbed on top of the eye shadows. You can find a full makeup tutorial for these aqua lined eyes by following that link.
versus makeup blue eyeliner
Versus’ dynamic blue eyeliner.
For a more dramatic and stand out blue eye makeup, feel free to take inspiration from Versus. Their spring/ summer 2013 collection featured a very strong look with electric blue eyeliner that took up half of the eyelids. It was complemented by soft pink eye shadow that gave contour to the eyes.


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