Friday, 14 June 2013

Replay Casual Wear Outfitters

Smart Casual Wedding Wear for MenDo you agree with me that our clothes should be adjusted with any program we attend? For example, if you wear your jeans pant with some torn to attend a meeting, what will people think about you? And when you hang out to the beach with your friends wearing a formal suit, what impression you will get? Yes, each cloth has its own place. About casual wear, it is not always about jeans with torn under a T shirt. But there is smart casual wear for men you have to know.
Smart casual wear for men is a combination of some clothes that are usually casual clothes but in smart style that influences the appearance becomes a bit elegant. What casual wear you can wear in formal program without creating two-bit impression? How about polo shirt? Polo shirt with its long sleeves and collar will look as good as western styled shirt when you wear it over your pant. A pair of formal shoes in similar color with the polo shirt will make you looks perfect. Don’t forget to set your hairstyle into an elegant hairstyle, not in rowdy style.,he99.blogspot+(1).jpg,he99.blogspot+(10).jpg,he99.blogspot+(11).jpg


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