Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pink eye shadow

pink eyeshadow pink eyeliner 

Pink is a color that is more often than not associated with femininity; it’s also the choice for young girls because of the youthfulness and beauty it imbibes. Over the years, the color pink has transcended its usual connotation and is now a color used to stand out and be glamorous in its many different shades, for both women and men who now wear it in shirts and other “manly” articles of clothing.
Just like any other color, pink comes in many different shades. You have hot pink for the funky, baby pink for the girly and many other shades like salmon for those on the unconventional side. For this season, pink and its many different shades form a part of spring 2013′s makeup trends. While we often relate pink to blush, for this coming spring, pink will be used to brighten up eyes may it be through eyeliner or eye shadow.

black and pink eye makeup

If you want to take pink eyes to the next level then you are best off with using pink as eye shadow. Before you worry about not having an eye shadow in pink, let me tell you that you can use your blush as your eye shadow. This blushing eyes beauty look is what Topshop Unique did for their spring / summer 2013 show.
pink blush eyeshadow


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