Friday, 14 June 2013

Cool Office wear for Men

Pinned ImageSo myself and Brendan Courtney, presenter of Off the Rails, got together at the Brown Thomas Autumn/ Winter press show to discuss the blue shirt brigade.
Courtney reckons that men wear blue shirts to the office because it is akin to a uniform. “The blue shirt is tricky because office wear is a uniform – this can be a little annoying if you’re into your look but at the same time it’s 30 percent of your life taken care of and I often envy people who wear a uniform,” says Courtney.
Men generally shop twice a year and most men just want staples, he believes.
Freelance style writer Alanna Gallagher, who was also at the show, got to thinking that perhaps the wearing of blue is due to current political sentiment.
Blueshirt is a term traditionally associated with fascism though specifically in Ireland it is related to The Army Comrades Association, known by the nickname Blueshirts (Na Léinte Gorma), a right-wing political party. The term is now used as an anti-Fine Gael slur.


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