Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Painted Beauty in Exotic colours

scarabs by michael david adamsBowers is creative in both her use of colour and texture, opting for smooth lines, jagged edges and crumbling surfaces that all come together to create this staggeringly beautiful photo shoot. Clark manages to manifest a high emotive feeling around each portrait, while Adams captures each picture in perfect balance of skin and make-up feature. He creates focus and attention by perfectly adjusting the light and shadow around the model’s features, as well as her delicately applied makeup and nail art.
Fashion shoots such as this one are here to show you the different side of the talent and skill that goes into each element of fashionable design, from the final flick of the nail to the last lick of the tongue, every inch is covered and can affect the image in the final outcome.
 scarabs by michael david adams
Enlighten yourself on each fashionable perspective and view more of Michael David Adam’s ( exotic shoot Scarab Spring by clicking on the gallery.The silken skin canvas of Rachel Clark provides the sensual scene for this colourful and molten makeup display to fall upon: dazzling golds and bright blues, 
scarabs by michael david adams
 sheer colour variation and the ability to make the colours simultaneously contrast and blend in with one another transforms this shoot from a simple makeup display to a cosmetic feast for the eyes.


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