Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Bracelets for Change a bracelet that changes the life of a Guatemalan rural family . . . forever. That is what these BRACELETS FOR CHANGE do!!! With the purchase of each bracelet you provide a job and income for rural women in Guatemala, eager to feed and educate their children and partner with a Guatemalan woman to split the cost of providing clean water, healthy food, and a safe home for her and her family. Each bracelet buys a different product:
- Earth (dark brown) 4 bracelets = 1 organic garden to grow nutritious herbs and vegetables
- Water (dark blue) 6 bracelets = 1 eco-filter for water to keep bacteria out and the family healthy
- Sky (light blue) 34 bracelets = 1 solar energy kit (two light bulbs and a phone charger) to help with homework and chores once the sun goes down
- Fire (rust) 18 bracelets = 1 smokeless stove to keep the home cleaner and healthier
  • Wax-coated cotton thread
  • Metal button clasp 
  • Each bracelet sold separately


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