Friday, 26 April 2013

New Fragrances

Ed Hardy have introduced two new perfumes for women and men called Ed Hardy for Women and Ed Hardy for Men. If the names of the fragrances themselves may sound a bit staid, the packagings are definitely not. Under the stewardship of Christian Audigier, the rock n' roll identity of the vintage tatoo brand explodes. The French designer's style has been characterized as,

"...fusing the best elements of tattoo, hot rod, and cholo culture along with a tinge of his native French heritage. The brand is rock and roll with soul, California through and through."....
Pierre Balmain, which interestingly Osmoz categorizes as an "alternative brand" - this made us do a double-take as cultural habits are hard to die but it is justified in economic terms - will launch a new perfume at the end of March simply entitled Ambre Gris.

The mystique of ambergris is one of the most alluring in perfumery. It is also interesting to see that Balmain could not care less for the conventional seasonal divide between fresh and light for spring and summer and deeply textured for fall and winter......

June Jacobs is a brand of Spa Products that has decided to officially adopt an ecological policy in this beginning of 2008. For those of our readers who insist on using ethical green brands,

this is one more buying option (we should probably devote a special section to natural perfumery as this is becoming more of an important sub-section of the market).
They are releasing a new reformulated perfume called Better Love™ Naturel whose description sounds complex and interesting enough.
According to the press release,

" of the first quarter in 2008, all June Jacobs Spa Collection products will no longer contain parabens and all chemical preservatives will be replaced with natural ingredients that provide optimal benefits for healthy skin.".....  


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