Monday, 22 April 2013

Extraordinary Hummingbirds Series watches

While I have mentioned the fantasy art style of Van Cleef & Arpels in the past, their Disney-esque portrayal of nature continues to move me. I want two things. First to have the finances to afford these creations, and second, to have a female who will appreciate the pieces as much as I - to get these watches for. I recently mentioned the new Extraordinary Butterfly watches for 2010, and here are the Lady Arpels Extraordinary Hummingbirds Series watches. Note that there will be five in the collection and pictured are just two of them. Names of the individual pieces will be the Berylline, Ruby-Throated, Violet-Crowned, Blue-Throated and Calliope. Each version is limited to just 8 pieces in this limited edition.

The watches are very high-end. The 38mm wide cases are in platinum inlaid with diamonds around the bezel and lugs, while the dials are a montage of special enameling, a type of stained glass, and a mosaic of gems. Inside the watches is a Caliber 830P mechanical movement. Really stunning, but that is to be expected from the brand.


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