Monday, 22 April 2013

Rolex Alf’s Replica Watches Collection

I’m really impressed! One of my readers totally impressed me with his replica watches collection when he sent me a photo of all his watches and a few lines on what they’re all about. I’m pretty sure some of you will recognize some of these fake watches from my reviews as well but I have to give it to Alf for his really good looking replica watches collection. He’s got a dozen watches in his collection which includes Rolex replica watches, fake Breitling watches, Omega replica, Tag Heuer replica watches and I’ll let you zoom in on the others.
I have not been in touch for a while a bit busy, not complaining though ! thought I would take the opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and Prosperous new Year and send you a picture of my collection of replica watches. I’m sure you will recognise one not to be a fake, it’s a watch my Son bought for me so I had better keep it on show. You may also notice that most of them are watches that you have recommended or have displayed for us from your collection. 
Rolex Daytona Working Chronograph Gold Case Roman Marking with Black Dial-Leather Strap
I will say that all of my watches have been purchased from one site which even though they have changed their name there quality has not, I’m sure you know who ! IPARADISIAC…..
I would like to say to your readers don’t bother to look anywhere else the old saying you get what you pay for is so true when it comes to this site QUALITY and SERVICE .… If any of your readers would like to know anything about my collection I will provide an un bias opinion, not that you don’t James, Hope this is of some help and thank you for the guidance I have received from your site this year. Ps. I will send individual photos if required.


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