Friday, 26 April 2013

Brand Perfumes and Fragrances for Men and Women

 1.    Perfume brings out pheromones
 Pheromones are chemicals capable of acting outside the body of one person which could make an effect to the behavior of the receiving individual.  In this case the pheromones can trigger a social response from same origin of species. Hence, perfume is sometimes used to create an  attraction between man and woman.


 2.    Scent invokes  memories
 On a normal occasion, we usually associate perfumes with happy thoughts and memories. Memories of perhaps some people who are significant to us like our mother, partners, friends, etc.
3.    You get a feeling of escape with fragrance
 As the world is getting smaller and each day is becoming more stressful, we could be better off with displacing our thoughts for a while and setting our minds to something else to keep us relaxed. This is one of the reasons why scented candles became popular for R&R activities like yoga, spa, or just giving a “zen” feel to your room. Fragrance sets the mood of what you want to imagine for a relaxing feel. Scents like lavender, sea-water, jasmine, apple-cinnamon, are just some of these scents.


 4.    You could express your individuality through perfumes
 Yes, no two persons are alike. We could easily express our individuality, our own taste, and our characters for using a perfume that will define our individual personality. It does not only shows by wearing the same perfume but also how you wear it, if its light or heavy or if  you want it fruity or musky.
Our choice of perfume would say a lot about us.  We wear perfumes to create a character, to express our moods and so to make the right impression. Similar to choosing our own clothes and having mannerisms, perfume tells a lot about one’s personality.  



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