Friday, 26 April 2013

Channel Blue Perfumes for Men and Women

Bleu de Chanel is the latest masculine to be launched by the luxury house of fashion. You can read more about the background story here, here, here and here. The composition is signed by perfumer Jacques Polge who usually works with input from perfumer Christopher Sheldrake. Polge said of Bleu,
"With Bleu de Chanel, I wanted something frank, direct and pure in a masculine scent,..I did trials with all of the raw materials that we are constantly fine-tuning, and I searched for what we could do and say that was different from what has already been done. And of course, something that could strike a chord with men today. Bleu de Chanel is reduced to its essential elements, in other words: freshness, spiciness and dry woodiness. It's also a very sexy fragrance!"

While the meticulous fine-tuning is perceptible in the new composition, Bleu de Chanel is not what one would call a flashily original perfume, but rather it is a subtly original work. The sum of the efforts that were put in the fragrance does translate in the end in a perfume with unique qualities, but if you were to think of originality as being like a shift in a paradigm as evident as the clap of thunder, this is not what takes place here. However, accepting the scent of Bleu de Chanel will mean accepting the idea that a marine accord is not just for sportswear but universally elegant, accept a certain dreamy, poetical quality associated with a mainstream fragrance, and accept a certain blurring of the lines in terms of gender.    

Chanel Spring 2013 Frivole04


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