Friday, 26 April 2013

Donatella Versace Launching New Fragrance

Donatella Versace is launching a new fragrance called Versace Versense.
Photo of ad for Versace Versense It's no secret Donatella Versace is passionate about fragrances. The designer admitted that she keeps hundreds of bottles of perfumes and oils in her home. "I love all types of floral perfumes," noted the designer for the Milanese fashion house. "I have fun mixing them together and creating new scents. You could say beauty is my passion," she added.

When Versace started work on new women's fragrance Versense, she kept her favorite floral scents and aromas from the Mediterranean in mind. Set to launch from April, Versace described Versense as a lighter, more contemporary floral fragrance. "Versense perfectly represents the Versace woman. I created a fragrance to make her feel incredibly lighter. There's something very optimistic and confident about being free, and it was that feeling that I tried to capture for Versense," said Versace.
Versense combines Mediterranean top notes of bergamot, green mandarins, citrus fruit and prickly pear with a heart of jasmine, cardamom and sea daffodil, and a woody base of sandalwood and cedarwood mixed with


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