Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Charm Bracelets for Girls

Charm bracelets have been around for centuries. In the pre-historic era, evidence suggests that bracelets made with animal bones and shells may have been worn. Much later on, Queen Victoria influenced a trend in Europe after wearing various bracelets with charms attached.
 These trinkets have enjoyed many a trending wave and once again they appear to be at the crest of a gargantuan revival, especially in the travel-retail industry where charm bracelets seem to hang from every woman’s wrist.
Friendship Bracelets
But the latest trend is attempting to reinvent itself yet again “It’s a new take on a classic idea” says Julian Mullins, travel retail director for Pandora jewellery. “I mean, charm bracelets sort of came into popularity from sailors going around buying little gifts for their wives when they travelled. They would bring charms back and have them soldered on to a bracelet keepsakes would be kept for a lifetime and would be passed down through the family almost as an heirloom. “Pandora is all about providing charms for those ‘unforgettable moments. It’s basically allowing individuals to really dress something how they feel and bring back those special moments for them,” says Mullins, suggesting that these moments could be anything from celebrating the birth of a child to a great holiday. “All of those little individual pieces that make up the charm bracelets themselves are special and significant to you.”
Trisha Gregory, senior marketing manager at Chamilia, believes that the appeal of these charm bracelets is the customisation aspect. “Behind every beautiful design is a beautiful designer: you. That’s the philosophy of Chamilia.”


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