Friday, 26 April 2013

Ed Hardy Perfumes for Men and Women

Ed-Hardy-Women.tifNarciso Rodriguez for Her (the original eau de toilette in the black bottle) has an essential structure that has been copied many times: floral accord (in this case orange blossom) plus big patchouli-inflected musk. The suggestion of white florals and the diffusive musk make for something quite sexy, if not particularly subtle. (I like it best in the heat, when it really radiates off the skin.) It’s very attractive and recognizable – but it’s hard to deny that the orange blossom accord is pretty synthetic. Natural orange blossoms are vaguely citrusy but not very sweet, with indoles giving them a somehow prickly scent. The florals in Narciso Rodriguez are more blunt and smeared out – it’s the difference between tinkling windchimes and white noise.I figured a good orange blossom soliflore would do Narciso some good, and the best orange blossom in my collection is Fekkai Sensuelle, a limited edition eau de parfum from Frederic Fekkai (a luxe-ish brand of hair supplies) that is sadly no longer available. (In its absence, try Lust Orange Blossom, which was my dry OB of choice before I fell for the Fekkai.)



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