Friday, 26 April 2013

Versace Perfumes for Men and Women


Raspberry, plum, roses and cassis sound scrumptiously mouth-watering? It is! This deliciously bold perfume captures the lavish sense of Versace style perfectly. Perfect for wearing to a night at the opera a premiere or even just for that romantic night in!
 You can detect in-house lines of continuity with the sporty ozonic personality of Chanel Allure Sport and the elegant fruity iris note found in the base of Egoïste Platinum, but Bleu de Chanel transcends both fragrances thanks to a more poetical reflection around the color blue, and a systematic technical work of refinement of the accords and ingredients.

Bleu de Chanel's most remarkable trait - apart from the fact that it smells surprisingly good and multifaceted- is perhaps the manner in which it manages to be quintessentially both a merchant's and sensitive artist's soulful perfume.

We already knew that if Chanel is capable of anything it is of smelling like the scent of elegance, but one expected perhaps less so to find an implicit, thoughtful homage paid to the contemplative L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain and the style of perfumery it opened the way to: an emotional perfumery bent on capturing the ephemeral in this sense of being able to evoke a still moment stolen from the passing of time, and even more than that, a precise hour of the day.
Perfumer Mathilde Laurent of Cartier launched last year a collection called Les Heures du Parfum de Cartier; it is only after smelling one of these perfumes that I realized that her work too is a homage to the aesthetics of the recurring ephemeral,

an allusion to those floating sensations that become more precise only because they are contained within a very limited time of the day or night, a specific, unique hour, which cannot return each day but can each time that you smell the perfume.

Photo of ad for Versace Versense


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