Friday, 26 April 2013

June Jacobs Perfumes for Men and Women

Better love NATUREL-June-Jacobs2.jpgThere is some sense in which the better orange blossom improves NR for Her, I suppose, but smelling them together, I wonder if I don’t prefer their top notes separately. Because when I want Narciso Rodriguez, I want the full blunt force of its syntheticness, a wall of sweet, orange-colored musk – not actual flowers. Having the Fekkai in there is sort of like mixing neon and paisley. Likewise, the crisp, green, natural accord at the top of Fekkai Sensuelle needs no embellishment. That said, their base notes are simply lovely together. On paper they lasted for days, the blotters lending my desk nook a glowy aura of summer.
Like Narciso Rodriguez, J’adore is a nice perfume that suffers somewhat from a less-than-natural floral accord. Legend has it that the first version of J’adore, composed by the brilliant Calice Becker, was truly beautiful. But like so many Dior fragrances, the formula of this best-seller has been altered (i.e., cheapened). As Tania Sanchez put it, “it smells like one of its own knock-offs.” The current version is basically a restrained fruity-floral (the fruit notes are not as loud or sweet – “frooty,” as one perfume blogger puts it – as in fruity florals of a more recent vintage) with a slightly soapy, slightly metallic rose-jasmine accord. So to improve it, one might add either more and better rose or more and better jasmine.


Since the early times, people have been adorned by scented oils, perfumes and other fragrances. Today, you can find fragrances from candles, specialty paper, to your favorite bath and body products .  There are several reasons why people wear perfumes, but ultimately it boils down to the fact that they make us feel happy. Hence, as individuals we feel happy for so many reasons;


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