Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Stylish Sun Hats Summer Fashion

Helen Kaminski raffia hatThere are many types of sun hats such as crushable fabric hats, designer straw hats, raffia hats, and lots more. It is almost difficult to walk bare headed on an extremely hot summer day. A sun hat not only provides protection against harmful and extremely hot sun rays during summers, it also adds beauty to wearer's style. Like that there are many reasons to wear a hat. Summer fashion is almost incomplete without a stylish hat.As every summer the famous brand clothing presents its proposals on hats for the summer H & M, you know that the hat summer while protecting your skin from the harsh rays of the sun that dries and the stain, protect your hair that damaged by high temperatures and becomes dry and brittle and also, yes there are more reasons, protect your eyes from UV damage, because that, hats add style to your summer image.And today we present these images that you forward the styles of hats to go for a walk relax or enjoy the beach without harm you with the sun,

Eric Javits Cutie Sun Hatand they are as you see in the picture, very coquettish hats for summer H & M. A beautiful collection that will allow you to train you as many outfits as you like in a season full of chances to show off yes, summer is here and it’s time to choose hats.Newsboy caps look cool enough and are a must-have for teenage and college going girls. Burberry check newsboy cap (shown below), looks pretty cool. As the name suggests, Newsboy cap got its name from the caps that were worn by newspaper boys during old times. These type of summer caps are normally liked by sporty girls and can be worn by anyone, a boy or a girl.A hat provides shade to your eyes from direct sunlight. Consider pairing it with a nice pair of sunglasses to combat glare and protection of eyes. After all, it is in our hands, how we can protect ourselves from the harmful rays of sun, as much as possible. So be trendy with hot summer fashion hats and stay protected from harmful effects of sun.


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